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When the medical service becomes the labor room of corporate profit (Translated) - Exclusive Adhirath

When the medical service becomes the labor room of corporate profit (Translated)

The relation between doctors and patients were very different just a few just few decades ago. They were the support system of patients, they were the faithful hands for the people in their of daily life. The doctor of the colony was the most the reliable person in emergency cases at night. But this picture changes as the time goes on. Abnormal demand for money of the doctors, cut money, commission percentage makes the common people broke, bankrupt. On the other hand the doubtful atmosphere causes one after another doctor bulling, destroying hospitals become day-to-day basis incidents. There was a discussion on 8th January, afternoon in  Srirampore book fair, just to solve the problem and find a way. Dr. Kunal Dutta, Dr. Anil Saha, lawyer of high court, Sadhan Roychoudhury, journalist Tamal Sengupta and Sociologist Bibartan Bhattacharjee and many other respected people were present there. Musician Shilpi Ghosh was hosting the event.

The doctor of labour hospital Dr. Kunal Dutta said, now-a-day a person has to pay the last penny to get medication. We make medication shopping our habit, just as online shopping. He also stated everybody wants their children to become a doctor or an engineer. But what’s their intension by pushing their children in these occupations? Social service or earning a big amount? Dr. Kunal lamented a poisonous entrepreneurship paws our brain. This process is going on since 40 years. He claimed unless following World Health Organisation (WHO) blindly, we have to decide our treatment process by ourselves. He questioned, today’s doctor prescribes a bundle of medicine to the patient for just a malady, whose interest is working here? He also complained, the state has no control over the medicines and overall health system. If this loot continues, the common people will be bankrupt in no time.


Social worker Bibartan Bhattacharjee put an easy example of doctor-patient relationship at the very beginning. He said there is always a difference between the people who are on the stage to him now-a-day treatment is not a hospital service but business. A few decades ago a doctor used to walk to kilometre just for sake of the patient, without a single thought of money.

Journalist Tamal Sengupta said, now-a-day being a doctor from private institution, it costs   15 lakhs. The doctor have to get that money back by hook or crook and everywhere the reflection is being shown He suggested the patient to keep their faith on doctor to respect the patient. He talked about a health movement as soon as possible.

The lawyer of high court, Sadhan Roychowdury quoted the statics and stated, in 95% cases quack doctor serve in India. The country has made the patient customer to the patient “customers” to the doctor. But he is hopeful about the recovery of this doctor-patient relationship. He presented his opinion through a light joke.

Dr. Anil Saha from labour hospital presented his opinion through a light joke. Once a gentleman fell from a 90 storied building and got hurt. He went to a doctor said him, he could treat if he fall from 80 storied building, this case it was not his authority. So they brain washed us as we need a specialist in every time, in every problem. Dr. Anil complained those, who buy medical treatment, are not in the condition of bargaining. In case he has to pay the last Penney to buy it .In the opposite side those, who sell this service. Determine the price. Down to the memory lane, he ruminated in the 80’s West Bengal witnessed a huge moment of junior doctors. Junior Doctor became its part just for sake of common people. The main demand of this movement were 24/7   X-ray service in hospital, enough supply of life giving and rejuvenating medicines. But still now there is no confederate protest so brokers of medical system creating their own heap of profit day by day Dr. Anli saha expressed his anxiety, if common men don’t protest against this, the relationship between doctor and patient will become more and more grosser.

At the very end of the event he presented the extract of the whole conversation. He stated let there be guardianship in the relationship between doctor and patient, not the businessman attitude.