Prospect of Tesla in Indian Market

Today, almost all people have a long-standing dream, ‘ i will buy a car’. Of course, it will also be better developed in terms of automobile technology. In the way the science is going forward, the technology is in our hands today. We all might have heard the name of the car manufacturer Tesla. Tesla is developed in Palo-Alto of California. Martin Ehberd and Mark tupeling founded the company named after the american engineer inventor Nicholas Tesla.

This is a bit of history. Now, if we se the present, we all know Tesla’s current CEO is Elon Musk. During mid September of previous year, he announced on Twitter that he would bring his business and technology to a large extent via Twitter. The most innovative company,Tesla is going to bring its own cars to India’s market in 2019. In the meantime, in 2015, Mask presented the information about the development of technology to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which will develop the automobile technology. After launching of model ‘S’ and model ‘3’ recently model ‘X’ launched in tesla market. We hope that in 2020 the model ‘Y’ may come in the market. The model ‘X’ has already been tested to run on the streets of Mumbai. Battery powered cars will soon be exposed in future, instead of petrol and CNG gas. When tesla enters India, there is no doubt that the Indian market will benefit quite a bit. Already in Mahindra Bazar the ‘E20’ and the ‘Verito Electric Car’ came with. But they did not accept them as the Indian market. So their markets are limited to Bangalore. Now the market is looking to see how Tesla accepts by our country.