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Palash Sarkar - An Eminent Tabla-player of Hooghly - Exclusive Adhirath
প্রত্যাশার পারদ

Palash Sarkar – An Eminent Tabla-player of Hooghly

I was interested in music since my childhood but tabla really made me feel bored. The monotonous sound irritated me. I can’t clearly remember of listening tabla in my adulthood also. But a magic touch of a tabla artist bang my thoughts. I listened his music continuously for 30 minits in a program. Naturally, I wished to meet him personally. So what ever I got to know from the musician Palash Sarkar, bringing that up here in Exclusive Adhirath.

How do you make your work?
My father, the heavenly Sri Nirmal Chandra Sarkar, brought a tabla in my childhood. Then he started teaching in the throats. Then my father took me to my first guru Pandit Shivshankar Karmakar. The time was January 1985. Then read the class five, then it starts. MasterMessai had a practice. After teaching him for a while, he would send himself to learn about great talent by standing in a fair place. But my father said that there are so many qualified scholars in Srirampur. He is the son of Gaurishankar Karmakar, a worthy son of Pandit son of Pandit Shivshankar Karmakar.The time was January 1985. Then read the class five, then it starts. MasterMessai had a practice. After teaching him for a while, he would send himself to learn about great talent by standing in a fair place. But my father said that there are so many qualified scholars in Srirampur. He is the son of Gaurishankar Karmakar, a worthy son of Pandit Shivshankar Karmakar. So Dad advised me to learn from Gaurishankar Karmakar. From that on, Tabla’s lessons were started near my second guru, Gaurishankar Karmakar. Now he lives abroad. But if I return here, I still go to him, playing his tabla affects me especially.
How you move forward by Tabla?
Ans First of all, I only learned. I would give name to the competition named after Ustad Karamatullah Khan. I would have been successful in blessing everyone. Then Dada (Gaurishankar) appointed me after a secondary school in a dance school. The school was stuttering and I could get 50 bucks. Today, I am on the radio on the blessings of Guru, going to different workshops, doing professional work. That’s how I proceeded. Today my father and mother and guru have contributed behind me as much as I have established myself as an artist. Today, I have been working on the All India Radio and I have done that in my life, my wife Sushma contributed.
Why did you accept the production of tabla as a profession?
I did not think it would be the first to play the tabla as a profession. Then I was younger, I would love to play tabla. It would not always be like that. Every day, I used to give up 4 hours of dawn, had to practice. Then had to go to school. I used to practice 1 hour after returning home in the evening. In this way, gradually it turns out to be nice. Besides, we get inspiration from Dada (Gaurishankara). He was my friend, philosopher and guide. Seeing them going to different events. Thus, my mind-knowledge became increasingly tabla.
Which musicians have you favored?
All India Radio, Akashbani Bhavan has two types of work. As with the immortal flock, I played in folk songs. Likewise, along with the Bidushi Suranjana Bose, played in Thumri, Tappa, Dadri. I did the work as a Tablia. On the other hand, I also worked as a recordist. Now the live show is rarely on the radio. It is already recorded. That record is to be sent to the server on the computer. Tourism in different regions of India. Performed at India International Cultural Festival in Delhi Pragati Maidan.
Do you just play in classic style? Or the modern song to play?
I like to work more in my classical style. This is my subject. But I also think that all kinds of work should be played. Like Rabindranath Tagore I played with Pratima Mullick. I got the praise of Pandit Birju Maharaj at a dance festival. Besides, I played the radio on the radio, along with many people, including Sriradha Bandyopadhyay. So, I think every aspect should focus equally.
If you did not go to Tabla, then would you prefer any other musical instrument?
The loud sound of the Sarod pulled me very much. Those who play the Sarod, I hear the sound of a musical song. So if I did not Tabalia, I would probably have Sarod-player.
If you share a unique experience on the journey of three decades.
Ans  We went to a jail function in Hyderabad. What is it to paint on a beautiful wall, an environment that is not so good in jail? About five hundred prisoners were present in the auditorium of fifteen hundred prisoners there. The prisoners come and worship after the ceremony. It is a unique experience to ask questions on the issue of playing tabla. After an event at Pondicherry, an elderly audience came up to me. He handed me a hand and said, “You are getting the flame of Keramatullah Khan in your bazaar. They can not be measured with anything else.
There are bad experiences too. Let’s talk about my playing at an event. Suddenly I heard that I was dropped from there. In fact, in many cases the group is going to be. Good if you can stay in that group. Otherwise your program will be reduced and there will be many criticisms.
Western instrumental to the youth as much as it is bent, there is no self-interest in Indian classical music. What is your opinion about this?
The trick is in the present moment. It does not even teach Indian music. Calcutta is called ‘Tablar Factory’. We have a lot of artists before us, those who are contemporaries also play very well. But it has an uncertainty. There is no support from the government, you have to stand up to yourself. They think about going to a band. There just will not be playing tabla. There must be many skilled musical instruments. And it is clear that glamor is much higher in Western musical instruments. Nowadays, more mentality is working for the youth, I’ll name it very soon. So there is the quality but the quality is reduced.
Tell something about your appreciation surrounding the music.
Ans  At the ceremony, I played at the stage. In front of me in front of the Prasanna fiveth. But again, behind it, it’s a bad name. In the past, when Ustadars sat on stage, they were contested. But they were completely different people from the stage. Talks were discussed between them, they wondered how to take the music forward. And now the group has become, the idea is limited.
What are your work waiting for release?
I have created my own school, which is currently in Kolkata. I wish I will inaugurate it for the memory of my father in Serampore next winter. The name of the father will be done by the name ‘Laha’. I would like to get a CD out of my Blueprint single performance.
Do Music and philosophy embrace each other?
Ans  Classical music is the biggest philosophy. Three ‘d’; If someone understands ‘dedication’, ‘determination’, ‘Devotion’, then no bad thing can be touched outside. If you are taught a lesson from a lesson, then this is not the kind of violence, discrimination and non-violence in the name of religion that will not come.
What is the difference between the students coming to learn 18 years ago and now the students who are coming to learn?
The students of that time received a respect for the guru. Now the respect is reduced. That’s why the guru is not the place of honor. Not everyone is saying this, there must be exceptions. But we also have the responsibility. I also have a 6-year-old son, we should teach this lesson to honor the teacher, respect the machine you are learning. All the blame is not young, we also have the blame. We need to guide teachers properly, only then they will learn. Learn tabla or songs, YouTube is sitting open. He will know, right then understand. But the depth of that can be found near the Guru.
Why do not we see girls as Tablia?
Ans In the case of girls, barrier walls were made from the house. If you have a boy in the house then give music, tabla or other instruments. But if the girl should dance or sing, but do not teach the tabla. It’s a parent’s mentality. Then one thing goes too fast, it is hard to play or it becomes hard. It’s a misconception. It does not have to be fitting in the case of tabla. This mentality will come out. Besides, we do not say in the face why this society is still patriarchal. I am playing tabla, a girl plays a good balloon from me and goes away. I feel like there is a blow Even though the talent like Rampa Shiva or Pamalee Banerjee is coming up.
What effect does reality show have on tabla or classical music?
Show a reality show, is it basing itself on classical songs? They might take an episode for fear that people will talk about it. What are they doing to increase the TRP? Correcting the pitch of the children’s songs by various types of editing. As a result, we do not see any flaw in the television screen. Then when the contestant goes to a live show, his misery is being misunderstood. When the stars like Shreja Ghosal were first, the judge was in the seat of Hariprasad Chaurasia, Zakir Hussein, Lata Mangeskara Who will not name the name of Jazz today, everyone is watching. Earlier I would not run towards money, I would enrich my music. And now what we learn, we’ll learn that, I like it or do not like it. And with that hurry I will show face to the TV channel sooner.
Is dependency on machine harm the music?
Well done nowadays. But it does not touch our heart. Melody has disappeared from the song, increasing dependence on the device. Now the music is heard much, the throat is not heard very often. One went singing, I went on playing the tabla, another sounded out and went away. Then the whole mix was made. This resulted in the loss of the song but the depth is missing.
What suggestions will be given to those who are learning new tabla?
You play well Big Dakapal Tabliyara from Zakir Hussein has said that they are still learning. Everyone is learning but where is the question? Let’s take my student to practice three-three. He came to the class the next day to do his job. But why did Sir give three times? There is no interest to know what the three-tails are, how many degrees, its definitions or what. If you walk in this way, you will not be able to enrich yourself. We’ll go one day, but what will we go next generation? Many people say that they are not able to stress, they have to study ten subjects. Tell them, take Tablo as the eleventh subject. Only then will you come out of time.
Does the work of a tabla artist give you inspiration?
At first I would say my guru Gaurishankar Karmakar and Zakir Hussain’s name. Besides, I like music like Pandit Anindya Chatterjee, Pandit Kumar Bose, Shuvankar Banerjee etc. Inspire me
As an artist what kind of responsibility you have towards the society?
Our two entities. One artist, two teachers. When I play as an artist, if I can not make people happy, if they do not feel good then I can not move my music. Today’s bigotry, turmoil can erase these music. It’s the duty of all artists to society, to give music the right way. Today, in the field of music, the next generation is coming up, we have the responsibility of teaching them properly as a teacher. That’s what I think.
Do not have tags of specific TV channels, such artists are mostly accepting discrimination. What do you say about this?
We have already said a word that we have become convinced of shrewdness . I’ve been listening to many places, have you traveled abroad? That means, I will be a real artist while playing abroad? I have seen many people who have played abroad, but there is no such depth in their playing. Because he has plenty of resources so he can play abroad. People are not listening to their songs or music first. Want to know the artist has done any channel? This mentality will come out.
What is your dream as a tabla-player?
Of course I want to work with big artists on the big stage. I want to be my name. If I can take my work in the desired place, then the money will come only, that should not be my goal. A man, hearing his own voice, said, “If I have found peace, that will be a big gift.” Earlier, who was the original artist, he used to sit before. Tabla sits from him 3 behind the back line. But now the situation has changed. The words ‘Tablchi’ are said by the people of our music line. It sounds too bad to have the word. We must learn to respect our work. We can’t say ‘Tablaadaka’ or ‘Tabalia’? World-famous Ustads has contributed in taking forward Tabla. We can take that legacy forward.