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Padmini Dutta Sharma - Exclusive Interview of Amazon Best Seller Writer - Exclusive Adhirath
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Padmini Dutta Sharma – Exclusive Interview of Amazon Best Seller Writer


Q1. Please tell us about your literary journey.


I had this passion for expressing my thoughts since my school days and that urge motivated me to compose plays for our school’s annual function.I continued to write for various newspapers and magazines during my college and university days and later joined a reputed bilingual newspaper house after completing my post graduation in English. Although I subsequently diversified my arena into the field of PR, Corporate Communication & Advertising I continued to contribute articles and stories in different journals, papers and magazines both in India and abroad. This journey continued with blogs and script writing till I decided to write books with the inspiration of my son. This journey hasn’t been a bed of roses because I had a very tough time with the publishers. Most of them demanded huge sums of money promising to print and promote my books in various online and brick & mortar stores which actually turned out to be absolute fake. Disappointed and disgusted I turned to Amazon and today with 9 books to my credit I feel absolutely contented & happy. Amazon has delivered more than they promised, all of my books are globally available and hugely sought after. Thank you Amazon!


Q2. Could you please tell us a little more about your first book?


Oh sure. My first book ‘Spice up your marriage’, published in 2012 has been a massive success, my readers call it a marriage dictionary. This book had to be redesigned and reprinted thrice, thanks to some Kolkata based publishers who made an absolute mockery of their business,the less said the better about them. Anyways I had to move on and so I did a lot of survey and research before I came out with this sensitive subject. I found marriages were breaking apart for flimsy reasons like pack of cards and children were suffering for no fault of theirs. When I tried to delve deep into the problems that occurred and killed loving relationships I thought what if I could provide some solutions/relief to the affected couples. Since I am very happily married, touchwood; to me marriage is a sacred institution where it is mandatory for both the spouses to remain committed and loyal but during my research I found there were too many hassles that prevented their smooth sail. Most of them were so frustrated with each other that they simply wanted to break free at any cost, the illusion having vanished in no time.


Q3. What was the feeling after this grand success? Did that inspire you into writing more books or you took a hiatus and enjoyed the celebration?


I was very happy and excited by the response and reviews that I received from the literary laureates and my readers. I bought out three more editions of the same book alongside other books that were awaiting release. I dream, sleep and swear by poetry and so my second book was a collection of hundred poems titled ‘Uncensored revelations.’ Question of taking a hiatus did not arise because I wanted to give more to my readers and so came a collection of short stories named ‘5 Hot sizzlers.’ This book is basically about the inner struggles and humiliations of women where they emerge winners in the end. Every book has added new dimension to my status as an author and human being. I feel absolutely emancipated and victorious.


Q4. ‘Sleeping with the arch rivals’ is your 9th baby, very precious I believe…was it a smooth delivery mam?


This particular book has been tough; it took more time than I had expected. Yes, the labor pain was way beyond expectation and so yeah very close to my heart. Most of the readers were a little taken aback by the cover picture. They had expected the book to be a crime thriller or a passionate love story but this book deals purely with human emotions, the cause, effect and result of emotional outbursts in our day to day lives. I have asked several questions to my readers and am awaiting their response as to why must we always wear mask instead of being our naked selves? Is it because we are scared of the man made society or are we afraid of losing our self created goodie goodie image or is it because our brains are tutored to act that way? Are we in control of our emotions or do the emotions control us throughout our lives? Isn’t it a sin to fake and lie with impunity since we have been taught to be honest and truthful? This book again is already generating curiosity and huge sale.


Q5. You told us till your 3rd creation prior to this? What about the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th?


Fourth one is again a poetry collection named ‘Sensuous love poems’ and this was followed by the blockbuster ‘How to become best parents.’ This book was a runaway success globally and we ran out of stock within a couple of months. This again is the outcome of a long drawn survey and research where I spoke at length to both parents and children. Each had their stories to share, I have dedicated separate chapters to deal with different issues that prevent parent child bonding. This was again followed by another poetry collection titled ‘Half baked poems’.

‘The Eternal quest’ is my debut novel where I have dealt with the dark sides or you can say the hidden side of humans. We have a natural urge to possess the forbidden, we thrive on unadulterated love and although love has no age bar yet we are constantly in a denial mode. Is love all about sheer physicality? Is it about sheer emotions or is the human bonding based on just a deal, a matter of convenience where two humans live together for sexual and financial gratification?

‘Truly yours’ my 8th child is a collection of 12 short stories on various aspects ranging from double standard to fallacy to deception.


Q6. Are you a hard core feminist? What are your view on patriarchal system?


No I am not a feminist by any standards, on the contrary I think quite differently from my female counterparts probably because the men in my life have been outstanding. Whatever little that I have achieved over the years is because of the men in my life; my son tops the list of course. I have friends and well wishers that have stood by me like Gibraltar. Patriarchal system is still very much in vogue in most households where men play a predominant role although in this 21st century it is expected that both men and women would enjoy equal status. I am completely against any kind of domination, suppression, or aggression and I definitely believe that in today’s society both must have equal opportunities and say in the family irrespective of their earning or professional status.


Q7. Do you think talent is enough for becoming a successful writer?


Sadly no. Lot of other factors are necessary for writing a success story, the most important being money, resource and networking. Without marketing and publicity even the best of creations gather dust under the cupboard. One has to have the zeal and stamina to withstand failure and disappointment. There are agents and frauds doing the rounds that extract money from naïve writers and just disappear. Apart from talent one must have ability to distinguish between fake and genuine publishers and so called literary agents.


Q8. What has been your turning point?


My son and Amazon. These two helped me live my dream.


Q9. I am told book reading is on the verge of decay due to online reading sources?


What’s wrong in that? Instead of spending thousands of hard earned money on paperbacks and hardbound copies there’s nothing wrong if one can read books on Kindle or any other device that suits their fancy, it’s easier and cheap. What’s the use of buying books and never flip through the pages ever? Books are not meant to decor the drawing room unless one is really passionate about reading. I have noticed books piled up or scattered here and there gathering dust because no one has the intention, patience or interest in reading them; they are merely bought to satiate fanciful dream of being an intellectual.


Q10. Who has inspired you the most?


Life around me. I am astounded by the variety of people I encounter daily, sometimes I am baffled by their behavior and thoughts. I wanted to reach out to masses and share my views and books are the only choice.


Q11. Are all the characters depicted by you totally imaginary or they are from real life?


Every writer uses a part of imagination with reality to recreate characters they meet in their lives. Literature is nothing but a reflection of life hence my characters definitely exist in flesh and blood; I have used my paint and brush to make them as I would have wanted them to be.


Q12. Do you think writers owe a great responsibility towards the society, your take on that?


Of course writers have huge power in changing the thought process of the general masses and since pen is mightier than the sword, writers can bring about lots of positivity and strength in the social behavior and pattern by their illustrations and examples. Writers can change the world without pressure, a writer is considered successful when their readers find an instant connect with their views and are willing to abide by it to bring about the necessary paradigm shift.


Q13. All of your books are written in English but the majority people in India cannot read, write or understand English? Don’t you want to reach out to the common man by writing in regional/local language?


Yes of course I would love to reach out to more and more people. I am planning to translate my books into some major regional languages and some foreign ones too. Let’s see.


Q14. What’s your dream in future?


Well I am a dreamer and I dream of a better world. I dream of more book lovers and readers. I dream of writing books on many genres.


Q15. What’s your message to your readers?

Read, read and read. We want to hear you because that is how we feel we have been able to do our bit.


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