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Neglected palace of golden era (Translated) - Exclusive Adhirath
জগতের বাহার

Neglected palace of golden era (Translated)

 Historical places, Mahals, broken houses, temples attracts me from the very childhood. In the gram panchayat raipur-sonarpur of Bolpur, the village raipur has jaminder lord Sinha. And heard many stories of them from childhood itself. Almost 200 years old this palace attracts tourist til now. Last Saturday went there with mom and dad to the palace. Crossed mokkhodwar temple or surotheswar temple and took the route of Raipur. In a bit inside of the village the broken palace sight got caught with a huge place. A big garden inside, on another side an unused well. And many rooms with the garden in centre. Strong smell of flower lead me to a tree of swarnachapa flowers, which head to the sky, with the help of the roof. Only the Skelton is left of one time’s proud Mahal. All the structures are getting broken. But there is a way to the 1 St floor through ta stairs. Went upstairs with the help of mobile torch. That floor is more dangerous, many floors but with broken roofs, can touch the sky with hands. The whole palace is looking like a haunted house. May be sometimes in the night someone can hear music from ball room. Or whispering of spirits. While roaming came to the temple of Narayan, the God. This palace and the temple got used in the movie Kandahar. Was watching at the broken palace while siting on the slabs of the temple, and the mind went back 200 years for finding the history. Jorasanko thakurbari and the zaminder Maharshu Debendrabath Thakur had almost 20 acre land near the house of bhuban dakat. It was awesome, medetation can be done over there. This land belonged to the zaminder of Raipur, Bhubinmohan Singh. He had a big heart, he gifted that to Debendranath Thakur. But he took it from this friend just at a minimal price.
And over there he set up the ashram of santiniketan, which now is Viswavarati university. Mind went to 24th may 1863, in the inside of palace of zaminder sitikontho, he is very happy today, another son took birth, got name as satyandra prasanno singha. Ni one thought of that he will represent the whole India to Europe, will be famous as lord Singha. Satyendranath came back home after 5 years of studying lawfrom havard linkon law college of England. He was the first one who got the place of “advocate general of Bengal”. He got “Knight” in the year of 1915, within sometimes he came to known as “Lord “Sinha” he became the king of Raipur. He became the very first member of “British house of Lords” in the year 1919.  He passed away on 4th march, 1928. Lost in the history of palace, came in the present when mom called me. Now it’s time to get back. Before ride on the car again look at the broken palace, every constructions want to say many more history. May be I’ll be back ti to find out those history.