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It's should be ssshhh!!! That's why it's must be said (Translated) - Exclusive Adhirath

It’s should be ssshhh!!! That’s why it’s must be said (Translated)

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In the Vedas every introductory part of life is getting invited with a celebration. Starting of menstrual cycle is also a kind. Widely a woman with menstrual cycle and the earth with all grown grains have no such difference. The blood during menstrual cycle helps a woman to get grown up, as in she is able to reproduce. In various parts of India the starting of menstrual cycle is being observed with celebration. Even they have different names also. But the most sad part is, after all these things she won’t be allowed to worship, not even pluck singers flowers. By doing this she is being remembered as‎ ‎Desecrated.
 In Orissa this festival is known as ‘Rojoporbo’. It gets observed for four consecutive days, where each and every days have different names. The first day is known as ‘Paheli Rojo’. The second day has the name ‘Mithun Sankranti’. Where the third day is called as  ‘Bhu-Daho’. And the 4 th, as well as there last day is known as ‘Basumati Snan’. For these for days a menstrual periodic girl worn new dresses. Traditionally at the very first day the girl has to wake up before the sun rise. Her feet will be colored with Alta after taking bath with milk and turmeric. Next two days she can’t have bath. But at the last day she has to take bath in traditional way
During the time of child marriage in Bengal, then also they used to celebrate the starting of menstrual cycle, and with no offence it was of too much happiness. In the black time of woman freedom i and independence, girls used to get married at very younger age. This marriage was known as, ‘Gouridan’. But after Marriage the child bride used to come back at her own house. Again when she got her menstrual cycle she went back to her in law’s house with celebration, and this was known as ‘Goyona’.
Let’s go to South India, here also this celebration takes part in life. In Karnataka girls who is on her menstrual cycle got “Aarti” at first , then she took bath. She got betel leaves and coconut, as these are good for health. In Tamil Nadu this celebrating starts with ‘Manjal Niratut Vija'( the celebration of taking bath with termeric). There they even invite friends and relatives. So it can be called as miniature marriage. With this celebration they send a news that the girl has been turned into a woman. Actually they want to prove that she is a girl, not a transgender. But when it comes for the boys, for the same, then the society doesn’t even care. In Kerala also save kind of celebration is observed. In Assam, this is known as ‘Joru Bia’.
 In a side in the society they have too much hiding with it, but in the other side Goddess got worship like this in Kamakshya, as better Earth. Still no woman who it’s having menstrual period can’t go inside. Here the mentality can be understand so clearly. This condition of women is not any paranormal or supernatural incident. It’s just the same as other biological incident of human being. Where every time the society speaks about technology, science, then also they are not accepting it just like that.  Society has failed to accept this women as an human beings for those days.