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Youth Convention of Indian Youth Federation cultivates the crops of Consciousness(Translated) - Exclusive Adhirath

Youth Convention of Indian Youth Federation cultivates the crops of Consciousness(Translated)

71 years after Independence, the third world country like India does not get rid of ‘Inequality’ virus. Undoubtedly, the youth power is the future of any country. Of course there is no scope of doubt that how strong the country education system is, determines the vertebrae of youth community. But where the education system is suffering from inequality, dreaming is prohibited. Therefore so many students of the country have created a platform, named Indian Youth Federation. There are near-about three thousand active members in different states of India.

However, on December 6, this Youth Conference of Indian Youth Federation was organized by the students and representatives of seven states at Moulali Youth Center in Calcutta. It is organized jointly with a social organization called SPAN. Ananya Chakraborty, Chief Officer of State Child Rights Protection Commission, attended the function. UNICEF’s educationist Amrita Sengupta, representative of the Child Rights Protection Commission from Delhi Headquarters, Enakshi Ganguly Thakral, National convenor of RTE Forum Ambarish Rai, Chhattisgarh RTE Forum representative Gautam Bhattacharya presented their perspective.

IYF’s Program Co-ordinator Archi Bose puts an intriguing opinion about how development is possible by youth. The information provided by Shahnaj Khatun, a student representative from Kolkata, has become very popular. She presented the data, despite being a girls’ school, the bathroom doors do not fit properly. There is a huge problem with sitting space. Even after knowing the school authorities admitted more students. A girl coming from Kerala also told her problems. After that, with the theme song of IYF the ceremony ended. Action plan was created on the next day, 7th December for the first 6 months of the year 2019. There is also a detailed discussion on how to prevent the plot of closure to the government schools. According to the recommendations of the Kothari Commission, ‘One Nation, One Education’ was also demanded. IYF’s overall youth conference may end for the day but at the ending of this year, this young people’s blooming souls give a sign towards a new start. Proved that even being the apprentice the youth started their journey to be respected enough.