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Hammer still hummed the melody of the workers (Translation) - Exclusive Adhirath

Hammer still hummed the melody of the workers (Translation)

From the very first day the wheel of civilization rolling relentlessly. It is unnecessary to say that hammer’s power of the labours is the msin impetus. These daysmen draws the burden of the capitalists. But these lamp stands of civilization never get the lime light. Today’s consumerist society never count the labour class with themselves and it’s become the system. American labours first started the movement on 1st May, 1886 in demand of 8 hours work per day. After that it became very important day in calendar. So in the urge of hearing a common people and a labour’s word we met Prabir Chatterjee. A resident of Mankundu, Mr. Prabir is a recent retired worker of Victoria Jute mill, Bhadreswar. What is his opinion? Let’s hear in his words—

Q. Is ‘May Day’ only a holiday now or it’s equally important till today?

A. When we got our job in late 70’s, May Day was important in another way. This day was very exciting for us. We celebrated the day, we were confident. But now this day becomes a holiday.

Q. What is the religion of a labour? What is the greatest temple, mosque or church for him?

A. Manufacture is the biggest religion. Factory is the greatest sanctuary. Temple, mosque or church whatever you call it, it’s everything to me.

Q. Does the labours get their legitimate rights?

A. Then we got our payments in every fortnight, but now the money goes to the bank account. So we have to waste a working day to withdraw the money. The factory authority is cheating us about the production quantity. Suppose if a labor produces 100%, the authority shows it as less than 50%. As we have no proof we can’t say anything.

Q. What problems do you face as a recent retired worker?

A. When we got retired, our only fund is our pension, provident fund and gratuity. It’s usual to get the provident fund within 45 days after retirement, but we get it after 90days.the pension should start 1month after retirement, but we have to wait for a year to get that. There is no sign of gratuity, may be they will give us 10 thousand after a long dalling,they deprive us from the rest of the money. Court cases are long prosses and take a long time.

Q. It’s heard oftenly “established tread unions are destroying the labours movement” – – how far it’s true?

A. One can do nothing without these tread unions but in reality they are doing nothing in the favor of labors. They assure us in any problem, then they ask to join movements-protests. After that they call the police and make the workers arrested. So there is no chance to believe them.

Q. Is it possible for labours to dream and to be dreamt the change in today’s situation?

A. In this situation the labours cannot dream anything, so with the change. If a labour talks about the problem or discuss with others, the authority marks him as broker. After all these none can dominate the workers. Dalhousie, Hukumchand, Kaneria, Victoria – – in all these factories sparks are taking birth. If they can make a huge movement in future, workers can dream the change.