First flight of ‘Ichhedana’ – from the labour room of memory

Ichhedana spread it’s wings through a painting exhibition. From 29th to 31st December, 2017 they launched their artistic entity in Haraf art gallery near Bottala. Famous painter and trainer Amar Das launched this. Glass painting, portrait, landscape, abstract painting, pot painting, collage including other paintings there are total 40 paintings. Piyali Basak, Amar Das, Biswajit Das, Subhasish Biswas, Kousik Nath, Tamajit Majumder, Poulabi Sarkar Gupta, Arjama Bandyopadhyay, Priyanka Dey, Papiya Banik, Sayak Saha, Sourav Chakraborty placed their paintings in this exhibition.
On the behalf of Ichhedana, Tamajit Majumder said, “The young painters who do a great job but can’t place their work, their paintings in any exhibition, we planned this exhibition for them. The purpose of this exhibition is to give those painters a proper platform”.

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