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Chants of a city lay down in a coast - Exclusive Adhirath
জগতের বাহার

Chants of a city lay down in a coast

Chennai, The name brings a photo of a long beach with fresh waves, Marina beach. Or a stadium just beside the sea with a huge crowd roaring for “DADA”, yes definitely it’s Chepauk. Dosa and idli, with chutney, and sambar, that’s it right…..

       Is that so? Are there nothing else? What if suddenly you come to know that Howrah and Chennai are sister, yes, you got it absolutely correct, both there railway stations are so much similar that they are called as sister stations, but the only difference you will get is the language, may be some sort of ‘ille’, ‘tanni’, ‘anna’. And only the marina beach? You just can’t avoid Elliot’s beach once you been there. May be its not DADA, but Nehru stadium still roar for East Bengal and Mohan Bagan. Dosa, as in masala dosa, you really have to search for it, yes, plain, paper, onion, rava, even egg dosa, left masala dosa far behind in the capital of origin of the food. And not only dosa, even fish are widely available in the city, but still in there restaurants you can face a big problem, of you have a problem with sour taste. And of course, don’t miss chicken chettinad, when you are in Chennai.

    The city, Madurai is known as the Kashi of South India, but Chennai is not far behind in the competition when the category comes in the number of temples, in every lane at least one temple can be found easily.

        That’s it? Of course not, have your patience for some more time. You have came to Coromondal cost, and only two sea beaches? Ok then one more for you, Pallavaram, green sea beach just beside Marina. One more, but it’s an artificial, the golden beach of Chennai. Do you remember about white tiger in Nandan Kanan at Orissa, again you’ll get a surprise at Arinagar Anna zoological park. What about snake, it’s upto you but you must go to Guindy national park to have a look at them. Adiyar Poonga Restoration park can really take you to a historical period. Have you ever been to science city in Kolkata? No!! It’s ok, let’s go to Tamil Nadu science city. Government museum, though it’s just a kid in front of indian museum, but it explain better about the history of the city. Now the time to be a little more religious with Kalpeeshwar temple, Madras kali Bari, St. Thomas mount church, Shri Partha sarathi temple and the other temples. Two particular places, Vivekananda house and Shri Ramakrishna Temple, where every now and then you’ll find more number of Bengali than any other. Don’t even try to understand the tears of crocodiles at Chennai crocodile bank. And it’s must to have a ride on the Chennai metro just with four compartments.

      Even this city is too much famous for it’s treatment, not only in the country, but in abroad also, The name Apollo is enough for that.

           At last, no not only sour food, but summer is also stay here for year long. No matter it’s Marina beach or Elliot’s, definitely increase a level in the view of sun rising. May be it’s Chepauk or Nehru Stadeum, every time it cheers for India. And who knows sometimes while holding hand of your loved ones, in the breach may sent you to the Hogwarts, using spells with Harry potter .