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Bonafide Burdwan (Translated) - Exclusive Adhirath
জগতের বাহার

Bonafide Burdwan (Translated)

The place named Burdwan is a very popular and well-known place. May the destination is South bengal or Shantiniketan, UP or Delhi one have to cross Burdwan. This is one of the largest district of West Bengal. To know the history of Burdwan we have to go back in 5000B.C.
A copper-plate was discovered in the village named Mallasaran, Galsi, on that plate the name of Burdwan can be found. Now Burdwan district is divided into two different districts, Purba Burdwan and Paschim Burdwan. Burdwan town is the heart of Paschim Burdwan.
In this old town, there are some important places which are fit to be seen and important tourist spots also. Most important and popular tourist destination is the Palace of Burdwan Maharaja. There are many architecture worthy to be seen, such as Raajbati university campus, MUC Women’s college, Raj college etc. and these places are also known as the part of the royal palace.
The Shrine of Sarvamangala: This is known as a “sati-pith”, it contains the remnant of Sati’s body, the umbilicus, is situated here. Aside this, there are quite a number of temples and Sivalingams.
The Curzon Gate: This gate was erected in 1903, by the king of Burdwan Maharaja Bijoy Chand Mahatab to celebrate Lord Curzon’s visit. It is an archway towering over the road. The Royal Palace is situated one km from the gate.
108 Shiva Temple At Nawab Hat: On the Burdwan-Siuri NH, some 4 kilometres from rail station, is a group of 108 Siva lingam temples built in 1788 popularly known as 108 Shiva Temple. Rani Bishnukumari (queen of Burdwan) ordered to build this temple. Here each year a week-long festival is celebrated on the occasion of “Maha-Shivratri”.
Meghnad Saha planetarium: Burdwan have a planetarium named after India’s scientist Meghnad Saha. It is the second planetarium of the state after Kolkata’s Birla planetarium. There is also a science museum known as science center.
Ramana Bagan: It is the forest office of Burdwan sub-division. It is at east side of Golapbag. This forest is pointed as sanctuary. This is also called deer park. Deers, tigers, crocodiles, and different kinds of birds make this place beautiful.
Christ Church: There is also a very old Christ church near Curzon gate, another one is in Parkas road. One of the church is catholic and the other one is protestant.
Hawa Mahal (Golapbag): There is also a very beautiful architecture in the east side of Raajbati campus of Burdwan University known as Hawa Mahal. It is surrounded by a trench. There is a ferry system and a little ferry. This known as a pleasure garden of the maharani. Maharani used to came here for a evening walk with her female friends.
Town Hall : The Town Hall was built sometime between 1890 and 1894 and was handed to the Municipality of Burdwan to help them preserve the remnants of Lala Bansogopal Nandey. The municipality board restored the hall in 1990 to its present form of 2400 square feet from its earlier form of 704 square feet with a seating capacity of 485 seats.
The Burdwan Bridge: a cable-stayed bridge over the railways near the Burdwan railway station. Sher afgaan’s tomb, Birhata kalibari, Sufi pir’s dargah, Krishna Sayar Park are also the visit worthy places.
This is our Burdwan, which was known as Sarifabaad in the past times. It was named after the 24th Jain monk, Tirthankar Mahavir Bardhaman. In every corner of this city one can find the gemstone as in those historical places. Though this place is not very developed in tourism but till now you can feel the history, live the history.