Bhumisuto Theatre Festival

The day was 2nd and 3rd May of 2018 , the most awaited moment for team Bhumisuto. The festival was held in renowned Minerva Theatre. The audience gathered in hope for a delightful evening, silence engrossed in the hall and when the clock strikes 6 o’clock the most imposing festival started. Invited guests were requested to speak few lines about their ideas regarding ‘Bengali Theatre’.
We are still left with numerous things to learn from them. Their success stories included experiences and knowledge which brought them to a respected position. Notable guests like Haimanti Chattopadhyay,the president of Natya Academy; Badal kanjilal, the editor of Theatre Akhon. Mainak Sengupta,the famous script writer; Anish Ghosh, the director of ‘Sohan’. Pratip Dasgupta the Secretary of ‘Aparup North’ and Debashis Dutta director of IFTA .
After the opening ceremony Charukola Nrityo dance group left us awestruck with their smooth grooves .They started their dance with the most famous opening song ‘Asadoma Sadgamaya’.
Now the time came for Bhumisuto production for the first time they launched their new production ‘Titi’ written by Amitava Dutta under the direction of Swapnadeep Sengupta. It clearly portrays the life of a rural girl who has an eye full of dreams to break all conventions in the society which are only set for males. In her effort her family members stood behind her like pillars including the man for whom she harbored secret love, Makhon Lal Dutta. At the later part of the story we see that Makhon also nurture a sense of affection for Titi. Both of them decided to get hitched and their marriage date has been fixed. In the mean time a terrifying incident occurred which changed all the directions of the play. The last scene brought tears in our eyes and kudos to actors like Swapnadeep Sengupta and Debjani Ghosh for their mind-blowing acting who made us believe in the story of “Titi”. Second production for that day ‘Rong’ by Darpan Nattyo Theatre was lively full of joy and fun play.
Next day arrives all the arrangements were made possible. Pankaj Munshi gave his beautiful blessing for the striving team Bhumisuto.
‘Folgudhara’ the first production launched by Uttarpara Uttarayan directed under the instruction of Rana Kundu showed a family who has close knit relationship with each other. We laughed and enjoy the humorous and pleasant play. It was quite entertaining and actors have put a sensible attempt to establish their characters.
Second production ‘Gangpar’ by Ranikuthi Angik directed under the instruction of Susanta Majumder. It dwells with theme of Hindu-Muslim antipathy which has been prevailing over the last decades. It shows the prejudices that a Muslim girl has to face in her day to day life. In this play she has been disgraced and her family was humiliated for making love with a Hindu boy. The language in the play is adapted in pure Bangladeshi tone.
Last production for that day ‘Pilsuj’ by Rajdanga Dyotak under the direction of Subashis Bhattacharjee it acted a play based on the life of legendary theatre actress Notti Binodini. The lead actress executed her role efficiently and added a new dimension to the character of Notti Binodini.
Now it’s the time to bid goodbye to ‘Bhumisuto Festival’. Though it lasted for a short span of time yet we carried some eternal memories. Bhumisuto group became eminent with their triumph. The group of youths who are extremely nostalgic and passionate about their theatre culture has indeed some brighter aspects for future.

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