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The sour capital of South - Exclusive Adhirath
জগতের বাহার

The sour capital of South

You’ll be at Chennai, you’ll roam, you’ll see, even you’ll be with the verbally Nostalgias, but what about food? Only idli, dosa and chicken chettinad? Will these be enough for a perfect Bengali stomach? Never… Will Food lover Bengali be happy just in these? Of course in a vacation a Bengali will search for fish or mutton, while roaming around at least two fries, and nostalgia in front of a plate of biriyani. With out these, both the vacation and the food, both will not have the life. Then let’s go and see what are those, waiting for you.
Dosa, you will get a lot of types, Plane, paper, masala, rava, onion, egg. Egg and onion are must try. Banana flower fries, yes, all the parts of a banana tree gets used in this state, and this item is also very famous over here.
Biriyani, yup that mouth watering name, but a bit confusing between ambur or talpakatthi, no don’t even miss any of these two.

Fritters, I must say it has no supplement when you are at sea beach.

Payasam, no, it’s not just the payesh, it’s more liquified, and with a lot of flavours, specially the Jasmin one. Malabar parota, no, it’s not a good from Tamil Nadu itself, but it has more craze in Chennai, than Kerala.
So what are you waiting for, pack your bags, get ready with your stomach, and get, set go….